The pictures below will give you an idea of the types of curtains we offer in our shop.
Our curtains, in first quality, pure linen, are realized by us.

Some of our Curtains

Model "Veglie"

Model "Veglie" Realized in pure, brushed linen, available in White and Cream.
You may order the size you wish.

Model "Macramè"

Model "Macramè" Cloth in mixed linen "bisso" (thin), available in White and Cream.
Macramè is realized by hand and added at a later time.

Model "Fiordaliso"

Model "Fiordaliso" (cornflower) In pure linen with embroidery on tulle.
You may order the size you wish.

Model "Botticelli" Intarsio

Model "Botticelli" Intarsio Realized in cloth in pure linen emien. Available in ecrù

Model "Botticelli" Tramezzo Alto

Model "Botticelli" Tramezzo Alto Realized with scallop/purl in cloth in pure linen emien.
Available in ecru.

Model "Primavera" Con Inserto

Model "Primavera" Con Inserto Realized with lace insert.
You may order the size you wish.


Our shop mainly works on order. This means that our customer has got the chance to order the curtains (as well as the other products) he/she desires choosing pattern, size and colour best suiting his/her taste. For further information please contact Fabio via phone or email and miss Rosalia via email (you can find numbers and email addresses in the "Contact" section of this website).

Our colours: white, ecru.

Our models: see pictures.

Size: please tell us length and width you wish and we will realize for you the curtains best suiting your needs.

The price varies according to the sizes.

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